1 Hilfreiches, Ausflugtipps

1 helpful information, excursion tips

2 Kunst, Natur, Kultur

2 art, nature, culture

3 Spaß am Wasser

3 water fun

4 Spielplätze

4 playgrounds

5 Sport

5 sports

6 Feuerwehr

6 fire brigade

7 Kita, Schule, Soziales

7 Daycare, school, social affairs

8 Jugendclubs

8 youth clubs

9 Mitreden und Mitmachen

9 Have your say and get involved

For all

Information for families, children and young people, for guests, locals and those who want to become one - our offers on the map and as an overview. 

Tip: Our website offers special programs for children and young people www.wusterhausen.de Under the menu item Life/Children and youth offers a summary of information with the current contact details and opening times.

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Kinder- und Jugendangebot PDF Download

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Wusterhausen/Dosse Kinder- und Jugend-Tour Stadtplan

Wusterhausen/Dosse Children and Youth Tour City map

Kinder- und Jugendtour: Gemeindeskarte Wusterhausen/Dosse

Children and youth tour: Municipal map of Wusterhausen/Dosse

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Das Projekt der Gemeinde Wusterhausen/Dosse wurde gefördert aus Mitteln des Landkreises Ostprignitz-Ruppin.

The project of the municipality of Wusterhausen/Dosse was funded by the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin.

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