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Every time the website is accessed and a file is retrieved, data about this process is stored and processed in a log file. In detail, the following data is stored for each access/retrieval: Date/time Visited page Description of the type of web browser used IP address Search terms

The data is processed and evaluated exclusively for statistical purposes. The access statistics that are kept do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about personal data. When calling up individual pages, so-called temporary cookies are used to facilitate navigation. These session cookies do not contain any personal data and expire after the session. Java applets and Active X controls are not used. If you reach us via the contact form, the personal data you provide will only be used to process your request or application. The personal data will not be included in our electronic database. A transfer to third parties does not take place.

Please note that the data transmission via the contact form is unencrypted - we can therefore not rule out that the data can be read or changed by third parties during electronic transmission to us. For confidential messages, please use conventional mail.

References and links

a) References to specialist articles on the Internet are made purely for non-economic, informative reasons.

Only the persons quoted there have the right to the technical articles. If a link is not legal due to legal restrictions, or if the owner of the website does not want it, the link will be deleted immediately upon notification to the owner of the rights. All links and mentions of specialist articles, people, law firms and other data on this homepage are not to be understood as an evaluation. In the case of specialist articles, persons, law firms and other data that could also belong under the headings presented but are not mentioned, this non-naming is not to be regarded as a disparagement. The selection is therefore not to be understood as a rating.

b) If direct or indirect reference is made to reference targets (“links”) that lie outside the area of responsibility of the owner, the owner is only liable if he can demonstrably have knowledge of the content and it would be technically possible and reasonable for him to use it in the event of to prevent illegal content. The provider of these pages is solely liable for content that goes beyond this and in particular for damage resulting from the use or non-use of such information, not the person who merely refers to the respective publication via links. This restriction also applies to third-party entries in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists etc. set up by the owner.

The author in question is solely responsible for the content of third-party sites, since we have no influence whatsoever on the design and content of the sites linked by us. Therefore, as a precautionary measure and expressly distance ourselves from the content of third-party sites, we distance ourselves from the content of third-party sites in accordance with the decision of the Hamburg Regional Court of May 12, 1998.

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