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The concept

The website was created in 2021 as a platform for themed tours that combine offers from the Wegmuseum and its cooperation partners.

The topic of "paths" is to be established in the region. Exhibits and depot objects of the path museum and its cooperation partners are located according to topic and tour, thus creating new access to the museum offers in the region. At the same time, the site enables the participation of volunteers or scientists - the "insiders".

project presentation

tours in progress 

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The term "tour" is to be seen as a virtual special exhibition whose exhibits create a "tour" by being assigned to real or virtual locations. This is stocky with a wide variety of exhibits, stories and media and is also map-based. The individual stations are provided with introductory texts and background information. The stations of a tour do not have to be connected by a route. Exhibits can also be houses in the city!

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1. City tour

The first published tour was a city tour with 27 stations in 2021, for which there is also an accompanying booklet.

The existing audio guide, which is expanded every year, was included and the tour recorded as a GPS route. The tour serves as a template for further thematic tours, which are worked on further, for example, at the monthly “Klönschnack – Wednesdays in the Museum”. Trying out and being part of the further development is expressly desired!

To the city tour

Funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg

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