The 2021 project

Path Museum on Tour – objects to take away
A platform for virtual exhibitions, tours and events
The project is funded by the Brandenburg Ministry for Science, Research and Culture.

The Path Museum consistently pursues the approach of linking analogue and virtual worlds and expanding the museum's sphere of activity into the region, since the regional collection (formerly the Kyritz district museum) and the topic "paths" offer ideal conditions for this.

The 2021 pilot project included the conception and implementation of the approach as a website for themed tours in which, among other things, museum objects from museum-digital are displayed, which are located using GPS data. The basis is the digital concept developed for our depot and the idea of the "Wegemuseum onTour" formulated as a vision. For these, the strategic approach was formulated and implemented as part of the pilot project. The website is aimed at anyone who would like to make contributions to the various topics dealt with in the Wegmuseum, whether they are laypeople or scientists, genealogists or day care children. The aim is to create a platform for participation in the content. The concept is designed in such a way that several cooperation partners from the region (e.g. from the cloverleaf museum working group) can work on the tours. 

The website is used to develop tours, document research results and prepare tourist information. It is not primarily a tourist platform, but offers background information for those interested in culture and tour operators. In the future it will also contain the function of a virtual catalog of the path museum.

Our working status 2022
In addition to the city tour developed in 2021 as part of the update of the permanent exhibition, we are working on a wide variety of topics.
Already created as tours:
+++ Executioner tour (1st stroke) +++ Barsikow milestones - a village tour +++ Museum tour (catalog of the permanent exhibition) +++ Wusterhausen - Schusterhausen +++ Archeology workshop 2022 - a holiday project with day care children +++ The coin tour + ++
Existing tours that still need to be revised for Wegemuseum-onTour:
+++ Fontane was here (Wusterhausen, Ganzer, Tramnitz, Trieplatz, Brunn, Tornow, Barsikow) +++ The Wusterhausen town hall +++ Culinary city tour +++ The romantic Prussian Wilhelm d'Orey +++
Still in the conception and research phase are:
+++ Lake circular route +++ City tour on the history of architecture Part 1: Master builder Ernst Trieloff +++ The history of the house at Am Markt 3 +++ Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ipscher in Cameroon and Wusterhausen +++ Berliner Straße +++ The Jewish history of Wusterhausen +++ Cemetery stories +++ The summer resort at the Kyritzer lake chain in the past and future +++ Exhibition "My favorite toy", designed by after-school children +++ Archaeological explorations +++

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(Registered) comrades-in-arms who would like to help us turn this page into a real collection of data on all trail topics can view the "Instructions for use" here. The work on the tours should not be a lonely homework business, but should take place both digitally and in cozy groups in the "old shop", where experiences and content are discussed, we can learn from each other and get help from experts. Thanks to the support of the MWFK, we have the necessary equipment.

Comrades-in-arms who are enthusiastic about working in the museum depot - recording, digitizing, researching objects - will find the necessary tools and lots of background information on handling objects and archives here. Please ask the museum management for access data.

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