Why an executioner tour of all things?

The legend of the child murderess, who is said to be buried at the place called "court" near Nackel, made us curious: Could the legend be confirmed by an excavation? Are there other sources apart from the traditional church book entry? What traces of court proceedings and jurisprudence can still be found in the region? How did our ancestors administer justice? Who could judge body and life anyway? And then there was this executioner's block in the museum, was it real or a theater prop?

The questions kept getting more and more interesting and that's how the idea for the "Executioner Tour" came about, which combines authentic places in the Dosse Lake District, ghost stories and scientific investigations. Who better than the figure of the executioner to guide you through this tour? Shrouded in legend, a bit creepy, with a wink, but also deeply serious, he can bring us closer to the history of the judiciary and its many other tasks.

The stops on the tour lead to places where stories about the local executioners, law and order, but also the origins of veterinary medicine, hygiene and even medicine can be told.

Attention: This is not a signposted route, the individual stations can be visited individually and independently of the order. The stations can be cycled as well as hiked (the "court" Nackel is on the pilgrimage route), but of course a car tour is also possible.

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This project was funded with funds from the cultural promotion of the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin.

Execution period 2020

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