Fischerstrasse 7, executioner

City tour Wusterhausen/Dosse - The executioner's house

The oldest traces of an executioner in Wusterhausen go back to the year 1466. A document says that the towns of Neuruppin, Gransee and Wusterhausen wanted to employ a barber (operator of a bathhouse and wound healer or surgeon) who was also supposed to perform the duties of an executioner . Ultimately, however, it should not have come to that.

Wusterhausen/Dosse: executioner's house


The Wusterhausener Scharfrichterhaus was rebuilt in the baroque style after the city fire of 1758. It is relatively large because of the operation of the Rendering Shop and stands on a large piece of land, which might also have had access to the city moat, at least this is known from other cities and is also mentioned by the chronicler Karl Altrichter.


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  • dr Ilse Schumann, 775 years of Wusterhausen/Dosse p. 88, The executioner's shop
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