Kyritzer Straße northern part

The most beautiful and oldest half-timbered houses in the city are located on Kyritzer Strasse.

Town hall at Kyritzer Strasse 17a

This building from the late 17th century, probably from 1687, is a gabled half-timbered frame building. The master locksmith Friedrich Christian Borchert is mentioned in the first verifiable land register entries. Until the early 1990s, the house was family-owned and housed a locksmith's shop, as evidenced by a wrought-iron key above the door. This guild sign was lost in the turmoil of the political turnaround.
In 2004, the building was repaired with the support of the urban development funding program of the state of Brandenburg. During the reconstruction, special emphasis was placed on preserving the building as a whole and restoring the half-timbering and the roof truss. The profiling of the beam heads and the filler wood as well as the constructive structure of the original building are essentially


Otto Suhr's inn was located on the corner of Kyritzer Straße and Alte Poststraße until 1945. It had a particularly elaborately designed framework.

Stadtrundgang Karte Gesamtansicht

City walk map general view

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